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Happy Hour
Powder 1
Powder 2
Work Bench
Me and Bul as gnomes
DeeDee at HH
Court Yard
MB how to
From The garden
Calm point
Garage wall - Play with under paint
TV reimagined

Dining Room update.


Create a 'pretty pantry' :-)

Flower rescue

Flower rescued from my garden.... by me, the clumsy gardener :-)

Black backsplash

Black chalkboard paint. Awesome results :-)

Wall storage

Our ever growing plush toy collection has a new home. Canvas baskets attached to the wall makes it simple to store and sort plush toys.

Faux animals

We have a thing for faux animal heads on our walls :-) This one has yet to be painted.

Birthday party

Birthday celebration - Party time :-)

Ginger Bread int the house

2015 Ginger bread house.. Messy and proud of it. Thanks Trader Joe's :-)

New look 2015

Took the top of our first ever round table and painted it with black chalkboard paint and attached it to the wall. Didn't want to give up on my plates. So I put them in a straight line!

Girls room 2015

Girls new twin beds. Purple and green. And sorts of other colors in their new colorful room.

Closets nor for clothes

Book and desk in the closet! Space saving functional space.

Girls' new bedroom 2015

New beds, new layout. Colorful and happy.

Entryway separation

Separated our entry way with IKEA bookcase, creating a low wall. Covered the back in colorful fabric, creating the illusion of gigantic canvas.

Bed side

Large canvas in small space.

Bathroom display
Display details
Displaying the Ostrich
Display the Legos
Guest Room

Guest room with yellow rectangle wall surround as headboard.

Wrap chair

Plain iron chair wrapped with thick yarn in the red and pink hues. Was done for kid's room but now lives on the guest room.

Narrow book display shelves

On the walls of our study. A few of our favorite books, mixed in with items the kids like. Great way to remind them of their favorite books, so that they can grab and read.


Former playroom, now known as our study. Created a wrap around desk for the girls where they have access to their cubbies for their art and homework. The other part of the room is now more adult friendly, thus deserving the name of 'study'.

Entry way in white and gray

Entry way with faux panelling and light gray paint.

Picture display

This is a great way to display your kids pixs or your photos.

Kids Room

Ever since the girl's announced that they wanted to share a room, I found myself faced to fit 2 daybed (which they use as beds) in one not so big room. SO I did the train lock and framed the beds with drapery columns.

Kids' room, detail
Dining room

Different chairs, happy table.

Entry way

Black lines, chalk paint...

Entryway detail
Ostrich head
Bed side display

Bed side display

Story board canvas

3 baby board book: Pride and Prejudice, Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre. Big canvas, painted in a yummy raspberry undertone. Book pages aligned to leave a canvas border.

Xmass table deco

Xmass table display, with alternative holiday tree was in the back.

Girl room

This was my eldest girl's room before they started sharing. She wanted a theatrical flare to it. And that's what she got.

Girl room
Little ones on display

Wall papered the powder room with my husbands blue prints from work. Used display boxes to create a happy corner in the loo :-)


Wooden boxes from toys painted and decorated then attached to a frame. The glass of the frame was covered with silver leaf and mirrored birds glued on.


Kid's pin board created from a flat box.


IKEA dresser previously used as a baby changing table. Drawers and sides are decoupaged with book pages to which Penguin book cover cards have been glued to create definition. The knobs are a selection found at Anthro.

Dog Chair Front

Chair decoupaged in wrapping paper with dog pattern.

Dog Chair Back

Chair decoupaged in wrapping paper with dog pattern.


Chair decoupaged in wrapping paper with London pattern.

Mosaic Chair

Chair decoupaged in wrapping paper with mosaic pattern.

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